13 Surprising Facts about Our Porn Searches [Click for full post]

PornMD has built an interactive map showing the top 10 porn search terms by geographic region. It’s an interesting look at what unites and divides the people of the world, when it comes to watching the people of the world have sex. Below you’ll find the map itself, as well as the 13 most interesting things we found while poking around.

  1. Indian porn is popular in India, Nigeria, and New Jersey. New Jersey is the only state in which “Indian” cracks the top 10.
  2.  Kentucky is the only state to specify that they want their porn free. Kentuckians are either great at getting a bargain or unaware that most porn online is free.
  3. Both California and Hawaii have “asian” as their top search, but Californians seem more interested in Koreans, while Hawaii searches more for “Japanese.” This rivalry continues on the world stage where China’s top search is “Japanese,” but Cambodia’s is “korean sex (gay).”
  4. “College” appears in every state’s top ten searches except Wyoming, who seems to be undervaluing the American education system.
  5. The fourth most popular search term in Peru is “just bieber (gay).” This is also the fourth most popular YouTube comment in America.
  6. A search for “Native American” does appear, but in Iceland for some reason. 
  7. In Romania, “mom and son” is so popular it appears in both the first and fifth position. Continue

Loooooooooool!!!!!!! #12 had me CRYING!

#9, Thats because America is a bunch of sick bastards.


Smh lmao

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